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We are belong to the wave of New Mexican companies that perform a generation with high values.

AG Convertidora it’s strongly associated to efficiency and particularity of each one of our label & packing developments, due to this we are strongly conceptualizing the exaltation of high impact that our creations cause.

Located in a very strategic area. Our plant is west oriented of the capital of Mexico City, beside its just 20 minutes away of Santa Fe, the most important urban development in financial and corporative terms. Also bordering with the new industrial complex at Mexico State.

Our European foundations, associated to our modern infrastructure, and the vanguard of our installations, allow a constant innovation of high technology. All this characteristics combined conceive the more flamboyant implementations at the flexible packaging market.

AG Convertidora starts after a fusion of our European partners,
they fix their attention at the Mexican market and decide to implement
a successful work philosophy.

That’s how the operation of the company stars this new experience, building a brand new plant at the innovative industrial complex located at the big metropolis of the Mexico State. Influenced of the most high and magnanimous European standards of sustainability, excellent practices of manufacture have been shaped at our company with the purpose of being the most recognized at the market of flexible packaging.

We are over a decade of the fusion and venture of our founders. Our creators with a wide occidental experience at the printing & graphic conversion that combined summarizes in total more than 200 years in this field. This has generated in all our business partners to stay completely dazzled with this brilliant mélange of experiences.

Completely engaged with the quality of our products, we found in each packaging a unique opportunity to impact the market, due to this dogma we invest a huge magnitude to the inherent peculiarity of each item. So thanks to our creations we provide all the CONFIDENCE in our business partners, therefore they can find that their products are been handled with seriousness and professionalism.

AG Core Strengths

We have developed a compilation of definitions, policies and concepts with a final purpose: to create the total satisfaction in our internal and external costumers. Detailing our particular “UNIQUE CULTURE” where we develop the personal progression of our collaborators, who with the actualization of their decisions display their human potential that define us.

This philosophy concludes with a great result: the creation of great synergy on every work circumstance that we develop, reflected with wonderfully the result in a prosper working Environment.

The innate conclusions of this wonderful “UNIQUE CULTURE” have generated standards that are reflected in our values, the ones that define us the best are:

• Deliver a WOW over service
• Create fun and craziness
• Build a positive team and a family spirit
• Do more with less
• Humility

Formed by a group of passionate collaborators
over the conversion industry.

As passionate over the conversion industry we understand perfectly that each packaging developed in our company contains products of enormous quality.

Understanding the importance and traceability of each item, the same way we understand the impact that our graphic designs impact at each commercialization.

This lead us to focus each one of our packaging projects, to get high standards of quality, including a perfect superiority. Therefore our products have adapted to the evolution of the now-a-days life style, always including: the maximum hygiene, an excellent protection for each type of product, requirements of transporting for each necessity, different kinds of manipulation, giving critical importance to their storage, covering all the needs for all sizes, and never neglecting the needs of the final users, such as the ones of the companies.

AGC Manufactures: beautiful and profitable solutions for sustainable flexible packaging

• Flexible packaging over different structures that agree with every need.
• Roll feed labels & heat shrinkable sleeves.
• Pouch with or without zipper, spout, normal and retort.
• Horizontal pouch machines for powders and liquids.

We print up to 10 rotogravure inks.
Slice the solvent and without solvent.
We shrink sleeves in different substrates.
Manufacture zip pouch with or without spout.
We are a flexible and innovative company.

Contact us:
Phone (+52.722) 265.79.00
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